Early Warning: Winter Flu Have You Got Your Vaccination?

Graphic of Influenze Virus supplied by CDC of Atlanta USA
Graphic look at an Influenza Virus (Graphic Image: cdc.com)

Greece,  Malta Serious Outbreaks of H3N2 Strain Expected 

For Europe, the winter influenza season is here again and time to get those jabs for the retirees and the young. #Greece has yet to publicly announce any health warnings but #Malta's #health authorities predict already that during winter 2017/8 the spread of the flu virus is to be at least twice as widespread as last year’s.   

The most likely variant in question is the A virus, known as #H3N2. This strain impacts older people and young children the worst. Last winter in Greece, it was also the H3N2 strain was serious too, as it was in neighbouring Malta.  Quoting Greece’s Center for Disease Control and Prevention, (KEELPNO) the media said the flu strain took a high toll of lives.

Since early October the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) has started monitoring already the presence and spread of flu across the continent.

Flu Jab Advice: What to do if  you are residing in Greece and are an EU national

Check your local public hospital on the vaccination programme. Have your IKA health book with you especially if you are over 65 y.o. Ask at a hospital reception. Or if unable to visit a regional facility then ask a visiting government doctor on their regular visit to your village.  
It is recommended not to delay. This will give your body time to build up better resistance and let the flu jab due its job before the really colder damper weather sets in. Hopefully that will keep you out of any intensive care unit. 
Greece’s Center for Disease Control and Prevention
By the way, Greece’s Center for Disease Control and Prevention - KEELPNO has an English section to its website where important health announcements are made.
Both Greece and Malta as EU members work closely with the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control which is based in Solna, nr Stockhom’s Arlanda International Airport. 
Disclaimer: This is not health advice, we are not qualified to do that. It is best to seek help from any doctor before being inoculated. In any event, stay informed about winter flu.