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Living in Crete, is on this occasion, a tale of dying in Greece, Donkey style in the village of Limnes.

It was posted in the BritsinCrete Forum.

You should know that Donkeys, for centuries work horses for mountain villagers are a dying breed of animal on Crete, from where this true tale is told. And for the curious, a reminder that the 'dead weight' of a donkey is no mean thing...

"I wasn't quite sure where to put this next item - under the Funnies, Pets, or under General (community boards in the Brits in Crete Forum) or in the Thread "Will you really be happy in Crete?"

In the end, I decided that it warranted a thread of its own. It is after all a true story and I understand was actually reported in "Anatoli", the local (Neapoli, Lassithi) newspaper.......

A couple of weeks ago an old lady in our village discovered that her donkey had died overnight and had collapsed where it stood on the earthen floor of a room in her house. She approached one of the local villagers and asked if he could remove and dispose of the corpse. The villager replied that as the access to the room was awkward, he couldn't get a forklift truck or similar vehicle into the building...."

So what is the old lady to do with a dead donkey in Crete? Find out, it is quite amusing, fascinating and true.

BritsinCrete web master thanks Brits in Crete member, Maurice of INCO, the non-profit Foreign Residents Association of Aghios Nikolaos, Lassithi, Crete for sharing this Living in Crete anecdote.

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