BritsinCrete Forum | A Place for Ladies in Crete Only

Brits in Crete Forum has been going through several upgrades and improvements under new management since January 1, 2007.

The guys have their "Footy" board now the latest is the addition of a "For Ladies Only" board in Crete Forum.

Male members of the BritsinCrete membership are not allowed to post nor view the topics discussed in the Ladies' Board. So this truly is a "For Ladies Only" offering.

Traditionally we think of British expatriates as men first followed by their wives. Thankfully this is now NOT the case. So many of the expat couples setting up home in Crete are equal in every way.

The new Ladies Only section of the Brits in Crete Forum is a great place to explore new ideas and where to obtain specialist support. The Forum admin offers questions to be asked about thinner waistlines, podiatrists in Crete, where are there facial specialists in Crete, and where to get a PH test?

Crete has some of the best public and private health care in Greece. The same can be said for growing list of practitioners supplying beauty care, nail care, foot therapy, alternative medicines and the rest. It is just a question of finding it and who is practicing it. Do they speak another language apart from Greek or are they foreigners offering the service?

The pecularity of Greek social laws based on prefectorial government means that a professional is licensed to practice only in their local prefecture.

In Crete that means a lawyer for example can only handle cases in either Heraklion, Hania, Rethymnon or Lassithi - the four prefectures making up the island of Crete.
If they practise law in Lasithi for example and they need to appear in a court room in Iraklio, then they have to work with a local Iraklio lawyer. Complex isn't it?

Anyway, Crete is becoming much more sophisticated when it comes to women's beauty care and treatment. Heraklion is the most advanced, by sheer size of the population there. But Hania is fast developing and Aghios Nikoloas in Lasithi by virtue of its affluent residents has a surprisingly good choice for its official just 11,000 residents.

Many EU nationalities and their specialities such as in Raiki, Thai massage and aromatherapy techniques can have their qualifications recongised by the competent staff in the town hall in their area. Usually it means getting a translation of a certificate into Greek but not much more.

As long as treatment doesn't touch on the medical aspect, it should be a straight forward process. But Crete is Crete and always be ready to supply the unexpected document in support of any application for professional recognition.

Crete needs more beauty care specialists for the ladies.

The Brits in Crete Forum NewAdmin hope that more and more requests will be made to seek out the specialist in each area on the island by women in need. Living in Crete and working in Crete must afford more than just going to the local hairdresser. And the choice of services is widening up fast. Go there now to post your questions in the Ladies in Crete Board.