British Embassy Athens/Heraklion Consulate

Note from the British Embassy in Athens:

Anytime you have an urgent enquiry, please contact the British
Embassy, Athens by telephone, from inside Greece at
+0210 7272600 or
from outside the country, +30 210 7272600 .

The Athens Embassy web site contains useful pages of information
related to British Subjects resident in Greece at:

British Embassy

1 Ploutarchou Street

106 75 Athens

tel: (+30) 210 7272600

fax: (+30) 210 7272720

Open Monday – Friday 08:00 – 15.00

For passport renewal or similar enquiries, you can always send an e-
mail to the Embassy as follows:

CRETE – British Vice Consulate

Candia Tower,

17, Thalita Street,

Agios Dimitrios Square,

712 02 Heraklion

Tel: 2810-224012

Fax: 2810-243935

Open Monday – Friday 08:00 – 15.00

The location is in the centre of the city. From the Astoria Hotel (in
the main square) 200 metres in the direction past the Archaeological
Museum in the direction of the port - aim for 25th August Street - last turning on the left before the port.