#SkyGreece Ceases Flights :: Takes Down Facebook and Twitter Pages

In the off chance you were booked on SkyGreece to fly between Athens and Toronto, well Thursday (Toronto time) 29 August the company abruptly cancelled it flights and closed down its Facebook and Twitter accounts..

SkyGreece operated one aircraft a Boeing 767-300ER and had only been flying since May 2015. The company cited technical issues as the cause of delays since August 25th. But other sources (wiki/skyexpress) cite non-payment of fees to Toronto Airport having caused the back up of passengers over several days.

The company apologises but offers no compensation to stranded passengers.

SkyGreece flew for just three months. Another Greek Tragedy.

Nobody knows if this is a temporary or permanent situation.

The story is at http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/canadian-transportation-agency-urged-to-help-skygreece-passengers-after-airline-stops-flying-1.3207210