Best and brightest #Greeks seek their fortunes abroad at an alarming rate

Did you know that there are some 300,000+ Greeks currently living in the UK

That figure covers all Greeks not just recent arrivals.  I was prompted to look up the fact after reading a current Kathimerini report that showed that more than 100,000 Greek academics and skilled workers, most of them young, have left Greece, either working or in search of a job, due to the 2008 ongoing financial crisis.  

Photo Caption: A growing and thriving community of Greeks and Greek 
Cypriots supported the building at a cost of £5 million of a dedicated 
Greek Orthodox Church in Harrow, NW London in 2012.  

I am aware that the UK has always been a popular destination to further a young Greek’s education. A couple of years ago I was reminded of this fact when I had cause to go to the University Hospital in Heraklion for a suspected broken finger. Having got into conversation with the orthopaedic specialist on duty he told me he knew Bournemouth well having spent considerable time there at a nearby NHS facility. So I am not surprised if so many younger Greek adults seek greener pastures outside Greece to pursue their careers such as in Britain particularly in the current economic and political climate in their homeland.

In fact the Kathimerini report calculates 30,000 Greeks are studying overseas and are intent on staying there after they complete their studies, while even established academics and researchers are seeking their fortunes outside Greece and actively seeking European research grants. Only recently, a director of a Greek research institute migrated to Singapore while others take unpaid leave to work abroad because of better renumeration…… Read more of the article in English .

The original Kathimerini article in Greek of the country’s finest seeking their fortune abroad with info graphic visual is here. 

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