#EU is Not That Bad for #Greeks?

EGF to help the ex-Odyssefs Fokas S.A. workers 

to find new jobs 

As far as some Brits are concerned the EU comes into for some significant stick. Good news is therefore always welcome. For example, in early November, the European Commission announced it is providing funds to help some 600 former workers who were let go from the FOKAS/ESPRIT stores in Greece. The chain of department stores faced financial difficulties due to the recent Greece economic disaster and gave notice to the workers across the country. The group’s own shop presence on Crete is in Heraklion (at Kloakairinou, 70).

In all, the Commission is to provide €6.4 million from the European Globalisation Adjustment Fund (EGF) to help the ex-Odyssefs Fokas S.A. workers to find new jobs, plus 500 other young Greeks not in employment, education or training (NEETs). 

partly sourced from: http://ec.europa.eu/ 

PS: I have read somewhere there is a dedicated Esprit outlet planned for Chania. Currently some Esprit watch products are found at the Kypseli corner shop at 3 Koraka/26 Karaiskaki in Chania. Esprit sporting clothes are elsewhere.

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