#Brits in #Greece:: Help Stop Battery Hen and Barrel Dog Cruelty

Act Now :: Support 2 anti Cruelty Animal Campaigns

Calling Brits in Greece to join with us now in supporting two campaigns to stop animal cruelty in the country that is affecting battery hens and barrel dogs.

The Battery Hen Campaign is to urge George Karasmanis, Minister for Rural Development and Food, and Paris Koukoulopoulos, Deputy Minister for Rural Development and Food, to take action to stop poultry farmers rearing battery hens in squalid and cramped cages. Life for a battery hen is a very miserable existence on many chicken farms in Greece. The hens pictured are in tiny cages that restrict movement so much so that they cannot even spread their wings. Imagine if you were strapped up and you could not move your own arms at any time?

The EU banned the pictured type of Battery Hen cage on 1st January 2012. So why is Greece still permitting such cages to be used by farmers? The Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Food is responsible. All you have to do is go here . It takes just a few minutes of your time and no donation.

The second campaign is to stop on #Crete and elsewhere the ill treatment of "Barrel Dogs", aptly named because their only protection is an old oil drum or similar metal container placed in the open often under a blazing sun. Our attention was drawn to the plight of these under fed dogs, many being puppies by a wonderful website of the village of Kamilari located a few miles from Tymbaki in the south central part of Crete with just 300 inhabitants.

These rural villagers -  actively state their objective to saving these puppies that often die from maltreatment and lack of food. The villagers want to encourage a caring and humane approach to animals. I say "good for them". If you go to their web page you will find the contact details. It is along process to bring traditional ways of farmers treating animals in Crete and elsewhere in Greece into a more humane context. The animals are part of a way of life that has remained unchanged for millennia. If you are an Brit in Greece or just someone against this kind of animal treatment, please do your bit and support the Kamilari villagers and barrel dog campaign. (Picture of a barrel dog is on the campaign web site) .

As newcomers to rural Greek community life, I know we are already having an impact on our local neighbors by showing the kinder ways most of us treat our animals.