New Year's Resolution To Save Money:: Can You

The fact we are Brits living in Crete or anywhere else in Greece doesn't diminish the fact we are still Brits and likely to have made a New Year Resolution on New Year's Eve. If your resolution was how to save money in 2013 then this blog may just have the unexpected answer. A recent survey by showed that some 77 per cent of Brits waste money every month on subscriptions. That means, on average we waste GBP14.00 a month on unused or partially unused subscriptions and memberships if the survey has its facts correct. It seems 15 per cent of us 'couldn't be bothered' to cancel unwanted subscriptions. A further 13 percent didn't because we are unsure if we are getting enough from subscriptions. A same percentage didn't because they simply forgot they had a subscription. 

Half of Brits take out subscriptions. Some 60 per cent of those are by the 18-24 year olds. They subscribe to at least one Movie/TV online subscription. The real question: Is an online subscription worthwhile for the 30 per cent of those who only watch two movies a month? The vast majority of those surveyed said they were willing to consider a "pay-as-you-go" service if they could see more of the latest movies released.

Ben Ayers from blinkbox offers a great money saving tip: "If you're about to take out a subscription service in the hope that it will help save you money in 2013, you might fail to keep to your resolution. Ditch the subscription, pay for what you want when you want it and make 2013 the year you bucked the trend."

During the survey, the following online services were mentioned: LoveFilm, Netflix, Now TV and Sky Movies.  They were cited in a question:  "Do you subscribe to any of these services?" carried out the New Year Resolutions survey among 2000 British respondents between December 19-24, 2012. The results were published on January 14, 2013.

After reading this do you think you should review your subscriptions? Then, how about your New Year Resolution for saving money in 2014?