Changes in #NS&I Premium Bonds from #AprilFoolsDay

Changes in #NS&I Premium Bonds from #AprilFoolsDay.  Now, change is good, but I like to cling to some of the old traditions as an #expat when I am back in #Britain.  So when I hear of such events while living in #Crete, it seems another little something has died back home.

Let me explain. Since I was a child -- ooh that is a long time ago -- I have been able to pop into a local post office when I get a bit of spare cash, fill in the form and buy National Savings Premium Bonds or when young with pocket money, birthday or Christmas gift money from my dad. But alas from April 1, 2013 this is going to be no longer possible. So ends a long tradition, and something I shall miss.

NS&I is on an efficiency drive, saving money or worse still is the Premium Bond service going to be outsourced? Who knows. Anyway, to be specific,  I received an e-mail from NS&I which simply stated that the service of collecting NS&I Cash ISA withdrawal payments in cash, and  buying Premium Bonds in cash over the counter across Britain will come to an end on April Fools Day.

All is not lost for Premium Bonds though, they still will be able to be bought over a post office counter, while payment will have to be made by cheque or debit card. Moreover, all the usual promotional leaflets/brochures will disappear and your being advised to actually "have to ask" for them from a counter clerk! (NS&I saving on printing costs?)

In the e-mail announcement of January 23,  the NS&I looks to be pushing online purchases of the Premium bonds and products they offer from, or make your transaction through the UK customer care team at (+44) (0)500 007 007 -- get that "007".  Be careful those calls, especially by mobile phone are almost certainly not going to be free!

Have I been lucky with winnings? Over the years, I think I am ahead in value of the investment in Premium Bonds with two payouts over the years.

These changes are all in the name of progress at #NS&I from #AprilFoolsDay.

Do you still visit your post office to get premium bonds with cash or is it just me as one of the last of the ex-pats who sticks to traditions when back home in UK?