Brits in Turkey and Greece :: Aegean Flights Gone Bust

#Brighton-based, #Aegean Flights a.k.a.Holidays 4 UK Ltd has gone bust and ceased trading on August 3, 2011

For Brits Living in Greece and Living in Turkey, if you missed the announcement, Aegean Flights/Holidays 4 UK Ltd based in Brighton, Sussex in the UK ceased trading on August 3. Please pass along the following information if friends or relatives have booked with this company and are therefore affected by its closure.

Note: Aegean Flights is not Aegean Air, the Greek-based and award winning airline.

The UK's Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) said that those already abroad (mostly Turkey) should continue to enjoy their holiday and check in for their return flight as usual. The CAA is ensuring repatriation for all customers in line with the scheduled end of their holiday.

All Aegean Flights and Holidays4U Ltd bookings are protected under the UK's travel protection scheme known as ATOL. Therefore customers who are currently abroad and experiencing any difficulties should contact the CAA for more information on telephone 0044 (0)161 444 5810.

More information on the Aegean Flights/Holidays4U announcement on the CAA website.

Various British news reports state that between 20,000 and 50,000 advanced bookings have been made with Aegean/Holidays 4U. These are now cancelled. Customers are being told not to go to their designated airport for their booked flights. Tickets will not be honoured.

These customers need to claim for compensation through ATOL..

Those with forward bookings requiring general advice about refunds under the ATOL scheme can go to the CAA website or can contact the CAA on +44 (0) 8444 933037.

More information about the claims process is available at Help in Making an ATOL Claim.

Hope this is helpful. And I am sorry to hear if anyone is caught up in this bankruptcy as it seems so unfair on hard working families that just want a peaceful annual vacation and give them a rest from their usual week-in week-out worries and concerns. These are tough times we live in. This is not the first holiday company in the UK to go broke this year, either. Its timing stinks.