Living on Crete : Crete For Life Brings Underprivileged Children from the SOS Village Athens to Crete

"Brits in Crete" with its members who are living on Crete continue to help publicize the efforts of the Crete For Life charity for the children who suffered from the Chernobyl disaster. This year the charity is spreading its influence a little further.

Crete For Life will for the first time join forces with the international charity SOS Children’s Villages offering a seaside break on the island of Crete to a group of twenty children from the SOS Village in Vari, Athens. The SOS Village is one of the oldest, largest and most reputable international organization committed to promoting children’s rights and  their well being.

On Crete, the SOS children, will enjoy a summer break from their difficult lives, a chance to experience a happy, carefree way of living, make new friends, try new things  and hopefully take with them some wonderful memories of their time on the island.  
How Will the SOS Children Spend Their Time?
Olimpia Theodoli one of the founders of Crete For Life of the SOS Children's Village said of the visit to Crete, "We will host kids by the Cretan sea side where they will enjoy a program of fun activities and entertainment in a safe, homely and friendly environment. Moreover, they will experience Crete’s renown hospitality and its famously healthy and delicious cuisine."
Crete For Life told Brits in Crete that it is to continue to expand its Cretan hospitality to include more and more disadvantaged children from different parts of the world with the continuing support from friends and families, both Greek and expats living in Crete. The visit of the SOS Children's Village kids from Vari, Athens is a tribute to the continuing generosity of the supporters of Crete For Life.

It is an honour for BritsinCrete - we include their logo link on every page of our main website - to support the efforts of Crete For Life.

As you may be aware, over the years Crete For Life has been hosting a number of Belorussian children from areas affected by the Chernobyl Catastrophe, for therapeutic breaks and workshops by the sea.  Each and every child's time on Crete has been most beneficial. Pictures speak a thousand words. The movie, in Italian, reflects the fact one of the founders is of Italian origin.