Living on Crete: Crete Attempts Guinness World Records For Largest Salad and Longest Dance

British and Irish and all foreigners, Living on Crete or just visiting the Greek Island are invited on Sat, June 19, 2010 to visit Ierapetra on Crete's South Coast in Lassithi to help make the World's Biggest Tomato Salad. The aim is to get into the Guinness Book of World Records to beat the current record of Israel's 11,200 kilogrammes salad.

The local agricultural cooperative organizing the event say that hundreds of Cretan volunteers will use more than six thousand kilos of tomatoes, three thousand kilos of cucumbers, two thousand kilos of peppers, 800 kilos of onions, 500 kilos of Feta cheese, 500 kgs weight of olive oil, plus oregano and salt to create the world's largest tomato salad weighing well over 12 tonnes.

The long hours of sunshine and warmth year round make Crete's Ierapetra region one of Europe's prime growing areas under greenhouse conditions for tomatoes and cucumbers. Ierapetra is a major supplier of salad produce year round to Germany and Austria.

The Tomato Salad Guinness Book of World Records attempt will be followed on August 7, 2010 by another Cretan attempt at a world record. This time, the whole of Crete wants to create the record for the longest dance in the world between Chania in the western end of Crete to Aghios Nikolaos in the Eastern end of Crete - a distance of some 200 kilometers. Thousands of dancers are expected to participate in the day of celebration in a display of love and fraternity. Cretan residents hope to turn this into an annual fun festivity.
Details at: how to participate.

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