Shareholder Perks : Best is Crete :Minoan Group, LSE: MIN

Spotted! This nice little snippet of shareholder perks information for Brits if you are searching to buy a house on the Greek Island of Crete, courtesy of the revelation on The Motley Fool website and Minoan Group (LSE: MIN).

What I am writing about here is one of the best perks for shareholders in a UK publicly listed company as researched by The Motley Fools web site.

For example how would you like a £175,000 discount off the price of a new Crete holiday villa?

The villa deal is possible if you are a shareholder of the London listed, Minoan Group (LSE: MIN). The company has a sliding scale of discounts, starting at £7,500 off the price of a two-bedroom holiday apartment for people holding a minimum of 5,000 shares for at least a year, up to £175,000 off the price of a four or five-bedroom coastal village villa for those who have held a minimum of 500,000 shares for at least three years.

There are catches of course.

Fancy, it is a resort building project on Crete that offers the best shareholder deal on a UK publicly-listed company!

Original story on the Minoan Group (LSE: MIN) at The Motley Fool website.

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