Crete versus Cyprus :: Competition Stiffens for Golf Tourists

The Republic of Cyprus, water starved is going to give Crete even more tourist competition shortly. Currently Cyprus has three golf courses against Crete's One but the Greek Cypriots have a strategic plan to build up to 14 more golf courses over the coming years.

The first of the locations is planned for Ayia Napa at the eastern end of Cyprus as a bonus attraction in winter to boost Northern European golf visitors. These number around 4 million who play at clubs registered with the European Golf Association.

The Ayia Napa project will focus on a well designed golf course with club house, but without accommodation, nor housing. The Famagusta area tourist bosses seek investor participation with the hope to start construction in 2010, according to reports.

There are no flies on the Greek Cypriots and their efforts will be taking a healthy swing at their Crete compatriots. Both islands are water starved but hey, tourists bring in the money.

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