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BritsinCrete Forum was offline for nearly three months. We came back as strong as before in early September but a bit lighter in the online files department due to the web attack on the website. Members kindly came back too.

Of course, some others, jealous of the success of Brits in Crete continue to lambast and lampoon any and everything they can about the Brits in Crete community website hosted at .

There is a very childish group of Brits who happen to live in Crete including a person of Swiss origin who continues to give BiC lengthy online publicity by their copycat Monty Pythonesque behaviour in several forums.

Let them carry on. I am laughing all the way ....

The joke is on me.

Perhaps by mentioning Monty Python though I am doing the authors of that very British creation: Monty Python's Flying Circus a disfavour in their 40th anniversary year as the Cretan version is lame in comparison. (Old Monty Python thingy videos on iTunes)

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