Crete Forum Offline

To let members and followers of Brits in Crete activities know that BritsinCrete :: Crete Forum as well as are currently offline.

The announcement from the webhost states:

8th June 2009 - 15:56
All of the Citruszebra network has been taken offline while we investigate some issues with the software used to control our hosting nodes.

The main website is working normally as it is located on a different host server company.

Sorry but this is another one of those events to do with strengthening security.

Interestingly in the UK this week, the credit card companies are tightening security on online transactions. If you follow BBC News you will be aware of the publicity surrounding the closure of 150 scam websites related to car sales and other selling activities including removal and haulage companies. How you may notice the tightening of security is the double layering of an extra box to complete while carrying out an online purchase. Be prepared that your credit card company may be giving you a new card and number.