Living in Crete | Blog for Human Rights Day

For the Brits and Irish residents, living in Crete and Greece, today, May 15 is a day for all bloggers to promote human rights around the world.

Amnesty International, is linking with BlogCatalog to draw attention to the plight of those in countries whose human rights are being denied. Brits in Crete is member of the BlogCatalog community.

May 15 is the day participating bloggers are asked to write a contribution in their own blog to help make the world a better place!

For us in Greece the country is, for the most part, a civilized place to live and the rule of law is actively practiced. And as foreigners, living abroad in Crete and other parts of Greece we are most fortunate to lenjoy under a free, democratic way of life.

For those less fortunate, in places like Darfur in Sudan, we can help by spreading the word on violations by governments around the world.
A good blogging resource is located on a dedicated page at

Of course, as a fellow blogger you can write about any human rights topic you want.
You might also be interested to know that Larry Cox, an executive director of Amnesty International in the United States has some some choice words of support: "Amnesty International is thrilled to be a part of Bloggers Unite for Human Rights," he said. "Bloggers Unite for Human Rights is a great way to harness the power of the Internet to fight injustice and make the world a better place."

There are many great human rights organizations all over the world. Here to follow developments at Amnesty International in the UK or the Republic of Ireland, please visit for more information. Currently, Amnesty International is working to stop the abuse of internationally recognized human rights in over 150 countries and territories. The organization won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1961.

We at Brits in Crete are a free thinking community. Many times members of the Brits in Crete Forum challenge actions of the forum's admin citing censorship and free speech - basically anything should be permitted. That is a small talking point, in my opinion versus fundamental human rights where lives are at stake.

Brits in Crete blog is playing its part to help promote this project. If you are a fellow blogger use this opportunity to support the BlogCatalog team. If you saw this announcement first in the Living in Crete | BritsinCrete Blog, it would be appreciated if you would mention it in your blog article.