Living in Crete :: Life is what YOU make it!

Every day I receive several e-mails sent from the Contact Page asking for advice and help on Living in Crete. One guy, a 50something Brit, just divorced and sounding pretty miserable for himself wrote asking if he could make it in Crete (the island in Greece) and find a job of work there.

My advice to him: Think positive. "Like" yourself first. Be happy and the rest will fall into place. Believe me, I have been there when life can be at a low ebb and everything seems to work against me. Let past baggage in life be just that. Make your life move on.

I suggested that as a good starting point this guy take a whirl around the BritsinCrete Forum (

Check out the jobs section there.

I told him there is a 50 something bloke wanting to start up a business, to be found in the Crete General section (first board in the site).

In the main website: "Did you see the page ?" I asked him. That is a tongue-in-cheek but a page, one could call a reality check on living, working or retiring to Crete. "How about the "" page ?".
"Plenty of links on those pages. Do some research, put your free ad you seek work in the forum," I wrote.

Now here is the key statement I told this 50something chap: "Crete is like anywhere else. But if you choose to come, do so in the warmer weather - from May onwards. Be determined to find work. Meet other Brits, and ask question after question. Many will have been there before and can give their own experiences. And, keep an eye on the BritsinCrete Forum I mentioned above where summer job vacancies are posted.

While in the same Forum, use the search button (always put in "one year" as the search period, not just "one week") for key words such as getting job, vacancies, and so on.

And finally, keep off excessive amounts of booze. While money goes farther in Crete than UK, Ireland and other places in Northern Europe, if you do not have deep pockets, then moderate intake. Then living in Crete or anywhere else in Greece can be an attractive proposition on limited income. After all, life is what you make it for a 50 something or of any age!

Gerald, webmaster, BritsinCrete