Meltdown of Crete Candles | Definition of Hot

So you wish to know how hot the temperatures can get in Crete, Greece? We have had two heatwaves in the past 4 weeks with temperatures soaring to 47 degrees centigrade.

A picture speaks a thousand words.

Dr Charles Morris, while on his recent vacation to Paleochora, Southwest Crete noticed two limp candles in the house he visited, and captured in digital the meaning of "hot" for his friends back home.

Dr Morris gives his kind permission to Brits in Crete to use this picture!

If you think this is whacky, on the Northwest side of Crete in Melissorgiou one of our regular forum members 'kids us' that she finds comfort in her refrigerator during these hot spells!

( "Candles:Paleochora" July 2007 Copyright Dr Charles Morris)