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Perhaps you are not on Crete.
Just to let U Know....
Crete is still sporting dawn to dusk sunshine!
Great tanning weather. Days 30C, nights cooler with a breeze.

Wise up on Removal costs for your household and other items between UK and Crete. There are several specialist relocation companies that run to and from Crete. (They also will consider other routes eg for those Brit expatriates who have had enough of Spain and want to make the move to Greece.) ....more
Then, there is always a British expatriate looking to fill up an empty container going back from Crete to UK - the forum is the place to make it known. ....more

Do you worry about arriving late night at Heraklion Airport and how much petrol is in your rental car's tank? Filling stations Open? ....more

23 yr old "Crete Wannabes" looking for answers - so they can move to Crete and start a fresh life in the sun and raise kids. Find out more.
And there is more on Living in Crete Wannabes... on the main website.

Advertised jobs include an Irish Pub on Crete that seeks a musician, Irish, of course! Got to know the Emerald Isle's classics and sing along type music. Details here...


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