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All the Brits in Crete Greece, I am sure will vouch that Crete is the wot's hot spot, and not just for the property market right now!

Heatwave - Summers Here

If UK is wet, wet, wet, we are basking in dawn to dusk sunshine on Crete!
Cold beer goes down well at any member is so hot they are jumping in their fridge to keep their cool!


Snakes Alive!

It seems the heat in Crete is also attracting uninvited guests to seek cool sanctuary inside a home.


What, "No Men Only" Board?

So the ladies got 'their' board, now several chaps say this is sexist. So the webmaster got a poll going. Vote for what you think! Both guests and members can vote.


Crete's Beaches Blue Flag Rankings 2007

It was meant to be a simple guide to Crete's Blue Flag beaches and how to find out more about them. But this spurred some controversy in the Agios Nikolaos area. Enjoy the sparring between members but you get to check out links to many blue flag beaches throughout Crete which incidentally as a region, has the most in Greece. Perhaps, you'll find a Nudest beach or two among them.


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Buying on Crete? Some advice!


Must dash to get a cool drink...a hot 46C on the Crete South Coast today!