Covid-19 :: Are Direct Holiday Flights between UK and Greece Really Going to Happen?

Greece's NOTAM Aviation Directive: Further Suspension of Direct UK-Greece Flights

Crete Beach
Typical quiet beach, Western Crete
Things are not looking good for resuming normal flights from Britain to Greece after July 1, in my opinion.  The reason could well be that the Covid-19 pandemic is not subsiding fast enough in the United Kingdom. It would be such a pity, the local weather is just like the photo, hot yet with a cool breeze as this blog is written.

The Greek authority responsible for flight approvals, the Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority (HCAA) on Monday (June 15th) already issued a, not unexpected extension in a NOTAM aviation directive that due to COVID, flights between Britain and Greece would continue to be banned until June 30th.

NOTAM Affects Other EU States too

The same NOTAM  directive states that direct flights between Greece and Albania, Belgium, France, Italy, Northern Macedonia, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain and Sweden will only be to/from Athens Airport. And what is more all arriving passengers will be tested for Covid-19 until June 30th. 

From other EU countries approved by Greece, arriving passengers will be randomly tested, while passengers from all other European destinations will be randomly tested for Coronavirus.

These and other decisions, including a continued ban on flights between Turkey and Greece, and that all passengers arriving at Thessaloniki Airport will be mandated to be tested for #Covid-19 until fresh orders are issued.

It should be noted that all these decisions are taken in joint consultation with Greece's Civil Protection Ministry, the Health Ministry, and the Greek National Public Health Organisation - EODY. The linked EODY webpages in English carry general information on the Coronavirus situation in #Greece.

If you are planning to take a holiday/vacation in Greece from UK during the next few weeks, I recommend you have a quick check on further information at the Britsincrete Forum pages in two threads at and .