Andre Rieu Concert 2016 Live By Satellite in Crete

Followers of the Andre Rieu's annual Maastricht Concert should be aware that if you happen to be living in #Crete or just visiting on holiday, the 2016 musically fun evening is being shown live by satellite there on July 23 for a second year running.

Details, as per the poster on the left indicate that this community event in Neapoli, Lasithi has been co-organised by INCO,  the Foreign Residents Association of Agios Nikolaos (of which Neapoli is part).

Refreshments are available. Everyone is welcome especially family holidaymakers. Dress code: informal to chic depending on your concert-goer mood.

Note for your diary - July 23, 2016.
The place:
Driros Cinema, Neapoli Main Square, Neapoli GR72400.
The time: 2000hrs onwards... for the Andre Rieu Concert in Maastricht 2016, live by satellite. (also seen in many locations around the world simultaneously)