:: #ENFIA Property Tax 2015 Notices Now Issued

Greece :: Property Tax 2015 Better Late than Never 

...the Bills Have been Issued 

Taxisnet Greek Ministry Finance website
The #Greek Finance Ministry was supposed to issue payment notices for this year’s “Single Real Estate Property Tax - EN.F.I.A” by October 10, 2015 for everyone both individuals and businesses. It actually turned out to be October 23, when the bills were finally issued online on Taxisnet, the ministry's taxpayer website. 

If you check the article below, it refers to first payment to be made by an October 30 deadline. Don't panic......

The statements I have seen to be paid via the ELTA Post or a bank give the first instalment deadline as December 30, 2015. Not October 30. Sensible as it is unrealistic to get it sorted with just one week. Both the Finance Ministry's website Taxisnet is often hard to reach since Thursday due to heavy traffic; tax offices are inundated these few days too through taxpayers' calling in to check their status. It is no wonder the accountants are exasperated over getting things done.

The present Greek government wants to be fairer to the low end income earners and those disadvantaged by society. This is the reason for the delay in issuing the property notices as to who would be eligible to receive a  20% - 50% discount. Low usage of electricity, whether a property was vacant, the number of family occupants, level of declared incomes, welfare recipients, those with disabilities can benefit from a discount. The calculations were based on data in a property owners’ tax return and total information on record in their AFM tax file up to October 9, 2015. 

For all those with homes/property anywhere in Greece, where you declare you are not permanent resident in Greece for tax purposes, you will pay the full tax. This includes Brits who submit the annual P60 from HM Revenue and Customs for PAYE earners. Other EU nationals or non-EU citizens with property in Greece and tax based in their home countries, you too have to pay the full EN.F.I.A charges.

Fine for late payment
If payment of EACH instalment is not made by the stated date, interest will be levied at the rate €0.73 per month until paid.  Last of the five instalments is due at the end of February, 2016.  

Whether you are living in Crete or elsewhere with property in Greece now is the time to contact your accountant and sort out your property tax bill for 2015.