#PremiumBonds :: 1st Prize Now Two Millionaires

The #PremiumBonds monthly draw on August 1 included a second £1 million jackpot prize,  re-instated after it was dropped in April 2009. In other changes, National Savings and Investment also increased the prize fund interest rate and changed the percentages of the prize fund allocated to each prize value band. This means NS&I has juggled the pay-outs to give more to the smaller prize winners.

The August 1 draw gave a man living in Reading a £1 million prize for £8,175 in bond holdings. The winning number was bought in April 2013. The second one million pounds prize went to a West Sussex address for a bond bought in June 2008 and holdings of £30,000, which was the previous maximum limit until June. It is now increased to £40,000.

NS&I Statistics for August 2014 taken from the nsandi.com website. ERNIE picked 1.9 million winning bonds out of the the almost 50 million bond numbers in the pot. Of the winners 1.866+ million won £25, 15,239 = £50 and the same for the £100 prizes, 3,333 won £500, 1,111 won £1,000, 76 got £5,000, 39 £25,000, just 7 for £50,000 and 4 x £100,000. Data taken from the NS&I website.  

ERNIE's odds of winning are still at 26,000 to 1.  But 1.9 million small prizes is going some! Makes for a happier mood for a winner to get at least something, £25, £50 or £100. No matter how small it is a talking point in the office or at home!

Did you win? You can check out if you did at the ns&i site.