E75/90 Motorway Progress : Agios Nikolaos to Kalo Chorio

New E75/90 Highway, Lassithi Crete     

The new extension of  the E75/90 north coast highway linking Agios Nikolaos and Kalo Chorio in Lassithi is progressing into the final stages. The video above shows most of this stretch of road to be awaiting final touches,  such as the road markings, and so on. The part approaching Kalo Chorio looks to be much further behind in construction looking at the state of the terrain in that area.  

Could some of the road be open for motorists by the end of the current Summer 2014 tourist season? 

Once completed, it looks like along this stretch of highway it will be a pleasant drive for motorists who will glide their way along amongst open and often virgin countryside including a pine forest.

The view of the coastline is simply breathtaking between Almyrida and Kalo Chorio displaying Lassithi in its best light.