#Greece: State TV #NERIT Officially Replaces #ERT

#Greece: State TV #NERIT Officially Replaces #ERT

Any Brits living in Greece: Have you noticed any difference in the look of Greece's state TV?

It has taken nearly one year, but Greece's new national broadcaster #NERIT went fully operational at 6pm in Greece on Sunday May 4 without any fanfare. What should have been noticed is in the new logo and change in visual image. This replaced the temporary "DT" digital terrestrial channel that in turn was an interim measure after the Samaras Government closed down the original state TV broadcaster, #ERT. The demise of the long standing ERT came following review of excessive waste and overstaffing.

The New Greek Radio, Internet and Television (NERIT) launched with the main evening news programme anchored by Andriana Paraskevopoulou, a familiar face from the old ERT.

Treasured as a state institution since the 1950s, ERT boasted 2,600 employees, 19 local and five national radio stations, a choir and three orchestras. Under Greece's austerity program the 300 million euros ($420 million) a year to run was viewed as too great a price to pay.

NERIT (Νέα Ελληνική Ραδιοφωνία Ιντερνετ και Τηλεόραση) stands for New Hellenic Radio, Internet and Television).