Living in Crete :: How to Find Best Local Gasoline Prices

Life in #Crete - Find Local Gas Station Prices 

As part of Living on Crete we know we are paying the most expensive gasoline prices in #Greece to fill up our cars.

To help our main Brits in Crete web site become more informational on day to day life in Crete we had added a tool that helps you find the best price of gasoline at local filling stations across the island of Crete in all four prefectures of Chania, Rethymnon, Heraklion and Lasithi.

The breakdowns shown can refer to high octane, standard 95, diesel etc.

Mainly targeting those who understand Greek, the map based geo web pages have enough content in English to be easily understood.

This is a work in progress by the originators of this project. At the time of writing not all stations are covered yet, in Crete, but most are. More are being added all the time.

This tool has listed the gas filling stations in the mainland areas of Greece for some time and recently has been extended to cover Crete.

We are giving this a trial publication. If you find it is a useful tool and it reflects accurately the situation at gas stations across Crete we will keep it.

Life in #Crete - Find the Best Local Gas Station Prices 

Please comment as to whether the tool is useful.