A Greek Thank You

A Greek Thank You

It is that time of year again, if you are part of a team or group anywhere in Greece, Cyprus or in the Greek Diaspora, you have a golden opportunity to express your thanks for their support and contribution.

A simple thank you, is fine.

But how much better if you take that one step further. How about a thank you in Greek. Of course this could be in the Greek areas of London, Melbourne or Crete, Illinois when you visit a Greek owned establishment.

How to write and say "thank you" in Greek. Colloquially it goes like this:

A simple "Thanks" -- Efaristo
Thanks very much -- Efaristo poli
Thanks very very much (highly appreciated) -- Efaristo para poli

Efaristo -- is pronounced eff-are-ee-sto (the "sto" is as in stone, stoke, the Cotswold place name, Stow-on-the-Wold). Actually it is ef(h)aristo, but the h sound is somehow swallowed so the sound is obscured or silent. It is better to say ef-haristo though.

poli -- has the sound of pol-ee

Emphasis is on the ee sound.

Taking it one step further you can emphasize the thank YOU.

You in Greek has singular "se" or plural "sas" .

For the personal - one person - more formal:
A simple "Thank you" -- se efaristo
Thank you very much -- se efaristo poli
Thank you very very much (highly appreciated) -- se efaristo para poli

For the team, or group or more than one person, more formal:
A simple "Thank you" -- sas efaristo
Thank you very much -- sas efaristo poli
Thank you very very much (highly appreciated) -- sas efaristo para poli

So next time you are in the butchers, or at the periptero (street kiosk) or any other Greek owned place, you can say a thank you with emphasis, when you say efaristo para poli for that special service you receive. To do that, hold your hand over your heart when you say it with a slight pat on the chest. That indicates of course, coming from the heart. It means a lot to the receiver of the gesture anywhere in #Greece, #Cyprus or the #Greek_Diaspora. Especially if you are thanking them for their service or support. Se efharisto para poli.