Living in Crete :: Have You Packed the Teabags?

tea for one please
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Britain's biggest home comfort when it comes to travelling is a nice cuppa of "tea", a survey has shown. Did you pack the teabags for Crete?

When it comes to Cups of Tea, if you come from Britain or Ireland or know friends or relatives who do, do any of the following questions apply to them?:

- Do they, particularly the "Mums", pack teabags when they travel?
- Is their PG Tips, English Breakfast, Darjeeling, Yorkshire, Tetley or similar leading Teas a "must have" when they take a trip outside UK or Ireland?
- Do they or do you take your own teabags with you?

If you do all or any of the above you won't be surprised therefore to know that a Holiday Extras survey back in the winter of 2008/9 questioning some 500 Brits found that nearly 70 per cent of those interviewed literally pine for a cup of tea when they travel or take holiday trips abroad.

Other staple British kitchen cupboard consumables such as HP sauce, Heinz baked beans, Marmite and Hobnob biscuits also are a "must" when living abroad or when travelling.

Are the Brits and Irish alone in this tea drinking stuff?

Timely to ask then: "Anyone for a nice cuppa and a biscuit?"

Put the kettle on then.... while that is coming to the boil perhaps you would take part in an informal poll of our own in our Brits in Crete Forum. No matter where you are in the world, please consider to take part in the poll.

If you are a tea nut or not, here in this blog space please leave your comment. It would be nice if you are tea drinker to state your favourite brand - whether its loose tea leaves or teabags; also, whether you take milk or lemon; or whether you drink green tea or other herbal teas; and if you are not British or Irish to state your nationality to show whether you are tea nutters, and can't live without the stuff. Tea is what makes the world go round for many.

The questions posed in the informal Poll on tea drinking habits are straight forward:

"When You travel or stay abroad, how do you ensure your supplies of Tea?:

There are 8 possible answers to choose from: If answers are a mixture or blend, choose the one that is most often the case:

- Have Tea Sent from Home
- Get friends to bring tea from home
- Buy Tea from Local Shops When Abroad
- Buy loose tea or tea bags online
- As a Priority, Pack and Take Tea with Me
- All or some of the above supply methods
- I drink tea but don't pine for it abroad
- I don't drink tea

Tea freak or not, let's share our views on drinking tea the "English" "Irish" or "British way". What is the best cuppa? Is it strong? so much so that a spoon will stand up in it, with two lumps (of sugar) and milk?

Go the poll page here: