Living in Crete :: BritsinCrete Twitters to Promote Network

Brits in Crete is now micro-messaging, or Tweeting as it is commonly known! Along with 6 million other Twitterers in the world, BritsinCrete is tweeting away as part of its connecting people, social network activities.

For instance, the current distressing news for British Expats Living in Crete is the story of Missing Person, a Scot, Jean Hanlon who disappeared in Heraklion, Crete on March 8.

The BritsinCrete team was asked to help get the news out to fellow British residents on the Island of Crete that a search was on. This we gladly did. In addition we were able to "tweet" the story on March 13. Mainstream news broadcasters such as BBC Scotland caught up with the story on March 18. Full details as to the latest developments of the case can be found in the Brits in Crete Forum.

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