Living in Crete | The WOT Community Wins Over BritsinCrete

As webmaster of the Brits in Crete websites catering to the Brit and Irish expats who are Living in Crete and across Greece, I decided to become part of the "WOT" online community as a direct outcome of some of the security issues we have faced in the past.

WOT gives an immediate indication on your Internet Explorer or Firefox browser of any and every website you connect to of that website's security. I have found this invaluable as it also shows up in search term results. It has stopped me personally downloading sites that I thought were useful and looked legitimate but WOT deemed them otherwise with a warning red symbol and red wash out all over my browser screen.

So what is WOT?

Web of Trust (WOT) is a community dedicated to making the Internet safer for everyone. Savvy Internet users are aware that the threat from malware, spyware, identity theft and annoying spam is increasing. WOT provides an extra layer of protection that traditional security software can't. Our mission is to make your use of the Internet more secure by giving you an opportunity to share your experiences of websites and the services they offer.

Which Browsers can I add WOT?

The WOT addon for Firefox and Internet Explorer lets you see a site's ratings before you click on it. Our traffic-light style icons indicate, at-a-glance, whether a site can be trusted or not, and the Security scorecard provides you details behind the ratings and a place for you to give a rating of your own.

By joining the WOT community you can protect yourself and help others at the same time.

This is what I recommend you do.

The address of the website: - any no, this is not an affiliate or introducer link. I do not benefit from this information.

I promise you this is an amazing tool that all PC users should install on their computers.

Don't take my word for it!

Please do not take my word for it but check out the WOT website. See the endorsements and testimonials for yourself and search for reviews of the WOT product in google, yahoo or msn - live search.

I hope to hear in the forum of your thoughts on this amazing Web 2.0 tool.

Opt for Safe and Productive surfing the Internet. WOT offers peace of mind.

PS - And, by the way, to my utter amazement, the BritsinCrete Forum has reached the "Excellent" rating, something several direct rivals have yet to do. I re-iterate, I have no input, control or influence over how WOT rates websites.