The BritsinCrete Forum Membership has grown to 860+ mainly from the United Kingdom and Eire, but someone from Saudi has joined as had another from Qatar. As for visitors they are coming from many different locations including, Latvia and Moscow.

This is another BritsinCrete News Alert of happenings at the BritsinCrete web portal.

The Forum is seeing curious threads this week as points of discussion.

How do you get get stuff by van from UK to Crete and vv?

But the hottest subject continues to stir controversy and a forum punch up!

Now, if the membership did not know a real estate company in Aghios Nikolaos they sure do now. Seems everyone who is doing business or completed such with a realtor in Ag Nik is putting in their promotional sixpenneth. Crete is a hot location for Brits buying property abroad right now. And the younger set are getting involved. From a mere 10% of young Brits asking about investing in overseas property one year ago, it seems as though that figure has jumped to 40% of all enquiries today. Want a real estate specialist in AgNik?

As mentioned in an earlier BritsinCrete Blog message, we started a Ladies Only board at the britsinCrete Forum. Not exactly off to a flying start but it got involved in locating local "Hania, Chania or is Hania" hairdressers?...oops sorry got to be a lady member to read that board...

The ever-in-demand subject of Job Vacancies in Crete has added information about teaching English in Greece. That subject is getting an airing with some clear advice on where NOT to spend money on courses.

That is what BritsinCrete is all about this week....and much more, of course. Brits in Crete is all about the reality of living in Crete. Come on over, or just be a "living in Crete" Wannabe and post your questions. It is a free forum.

Webmaster, BritsinCrete

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