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"Filippos", a regular member to post in the Brits in Crete Forum with a wonderful signature that says: "I smile because I don't know what the hell is going on" raised an interesting Greek dictionary question on February 16 regarding "ΤΣΟΥΚΟΣ". Grab a specialised Greek dictionary and tell us what this word means?

Filippos came across a cafe/taverna in the Xania prefecture of Crete with the name "ΤΣΟΥΚΟΣ". He said he did not know where the "tonos" (emphasis) is placed as it was only written in upper case.

Anyway he could not find the word in any Greek dictionary.

Now we are all curious. No one has been to help so far in the BritsinCrete Forum.

Can a Cretan, or other Greek help us out? The suspense is getting at us.

If it helps, Filippos said that the closest meanings he could find that might be associated somehow, are "Τσουκαλάς" (a potter) and, more likely, "Τσουκάλι" (a cooking pot).

So, does an academic of specialist Greek or the Cretan dialect, know what "ΤΣΟΥΚΟΣ" means?

That begs the question: Is "ΤΣΟΥΚΟΣ" a Cretan dialect word that doesn't appear in a "standard" Greek dictionary or simply a 'made up' word without a meaning?

Any help gratefully received. Contact us at this address, please.

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